Codendi as ticketing tool

Capitalising on the customizable capabilities of the trackers module, Codendi provides a very powerfull solution to track elements associated status, personalized user roles and tailored workflow.

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Codendi ticketing

Codendi for Projects management

True to its origins, Codendi provides high quality services to cover the perimeter of software forges.

The strength of Codendi face to Jira or other similar softwares that has been built by modules agregation is its complete integration that insure fully efficiency of the functionnalities.

One other strength is that Codendi is fully configurable and requires no specific development that are expensive to realise and overpriced to maintain.

Last but not least, compared to environments like Azure DevOps, Codendi naturally ensures the traceability of any modification.
This feature allow Codendi to be used in domain like the medical sector where traceability is imposed by Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management norms.

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Key features

  • Advanced ticketing features
  • Personal and project dashboards

Essential features

  • Git and SVN support and integration
  • Continuous integration
  • Document management
  • Mailing-lists support
Codendi essential features
General Data Protection Regulation

BASIC features

  • GDPR compliance
  • Full traceability on modification
  • Project & tracker templating
  • Agile methodology support
  • Cross-project supervision
  • LDAP integration

Codendi as an ERP

Using its key functionalities, Codendi is often the first step to ensure correct and efficient management of the activities usually covered by ERP software.

Indeed, Codendi is able to provide an adequate first response to small and medium-sized businesses in the face of these expectations.
This transformation is obviously favored by an unbeatable price..

Usual trigger to switch to Codendi:

  • difficulties in monitoring the status of all processes
  • inability to contribute collectively and effectively to a process
  • need to bring rigor to the monitoring of activities
  • need to have an updated and coherent summary view of the state of activities
  • need to use tailored workflow capabilities associated with custom roles
  • necessity to work collaboratively

Codendi is typically used to manage procurement, sales, CRM and human resources.

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Codendi ERP Tools