Codendi over the ages

Xerox Research Centre Europe origins

In the early 2000, under the vision and the impulsion of Laurent Julliard, Xerox Research Centre Europe forked Sourceforge and launched a huge refactoring of the plateform to transform an opensource minding project into a company compliant product.

The emphasis is put on security, traceability and privacy between projects and users.

This R&D work is supported by large companies with subsidiaries in Grenoble area like ST Microelectronics or Franec Telecom R&D and smaller like Viseo (formelly Object Direct).

After several granted collaborative projects, CodeX become Codendi and include several new features as dashboarding and projects templating allowing industrialisation of methodologies deployement and unified vision over projects.

A last huge development effort is produced under Nicolas Guerin lead (XRCE) to bring genericity in the ticketing module allowing to adress several business topics (accounting, human resources).

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Viseo deployement

Under Thibault Parmentier impulsion in 2011, Codendi project leadership is transfered from Xerox Research Centre Europe to Viseo in order to develop this ERP capabilities and increase its business scope of activities.

It’s under Franck Priore management that Codendi get new customers profile coming from the medical world around ticketing activities.

An important work is also done around the advanced feature for project management in terms of resources and follow-up (planning, schedule, staffing, workload, etc.).

The business model has also been transformed from software maintenance to Software as a Service.

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Continuity guarantee by Hequality

Since 2017, Viseo’s strategy was no longer focused on R&D and software product publishing.

In order to guarantee the autonomy of Codendi as a product and to push forward its development, Codendi has been transferred to Hequality.

After performing a full check of the included software components and ensured full GDPR compliance, new momentum was given to introduce the use of Codendi as an ERP for companies and startups covering the Quality and Regulatory Affairs perimeters.

This initiative is supported in partnership with Surgiqual Institute and Sentinhealth.

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