Software as a Service - SaaS

Codendi is thought and managed as an enabling solution.

Our philosophy is to let customers forget us.
The scope is knowing that you can rely on Codendi and the services it provides.

We take care of availability, upgrades, potential evolutions; you have a free hand to do your job and meet your own challenges.

Most of our customers have chosen the SaaS offer.

Codendi platforms are deployed on adapted infrastructure hosted by major cloud actors like OVH Cloud or Microsoft Azure allowing high service quality and regulatory compliance (i.e. health data).

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corporate clients: Hequality, Sentinhealth, Ad Valorem, EIT Health, Adents, BlokhutWereld, Weleda, JapanLifeline

Application management - TMA

corporate clients : Micropole, MicroPort crm, Atos Worldline, Viseo, Werox

For various reasons, whether it be the regulatory environment, the corporate culture or their own vision of security, some clients have chosen to host and / or operate their own platform.
Even if it is not an offer that we particularly wish to develop, we can assess with you its relevance to the specific context of your company.

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