Success story: By Dominique Méra, project director at Objet Direct

Why Objet Direct choose Codendi?

In order to implement the agile methodology, Objet Direct, need to haverequired reliable communication tools, especially when project members were located at different sites. The requirements to be met are the following: document management, source code management, files sharing, task tracker, etc…

We chose to implement the platform for internal use because it met all of our specific requirements. We have now been using the platform for our project for 5 years.

Codendi is installed on an external server that we rent from a hosting company. Three collaborators have wide-ranging administration permission. The platform is interfaced with our LDAP directory, thus the identification is the same for all internal applications.


Each project leader asks t ocreate a new project directly from Codendi. The project manager automatically becomes the administrator of the project and can define project members and their permissions. Additional accounts can be created directly in Codendi even if theyre are not present in the Objet Direct LDAP directory. These accounts are usually for our customers. This provides customers with a transparent access to all information concerning the follow-up of their projects.

Project configuration parameters can be easily copied for other projects. For example, configuration parameters for risks may be defined on one project, placed at the disposition of other users and re-used in future projects. The wealth of configuration parameters enables one to adapt the tool to the specific requirements of each project. In a few days after getting their hands on the platform, new project leaders can easily customize their project area and choose software and management tools (SVN, Eclipse plugin, wiki, mailing list…) that they wish to use for their project.Pourquoi Codendi?

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