Success Story : By Laurent Julliard, director of the “EmbeddedSystem on chip” Minalogic workshop.

As the first Minalogic projects were starting up, and with a growing number of new projects being proposed, Minalogic needed to provide its members with a platform for collaborative work that met the specific needs of the micro-nanotechnology and software-on-chip communities. Minalogic choose the Codendi platform for several reasons:

  • it offers generic collaboration and communication tools such as document sharing, forums, and mailing lists,
  • but also more advanced features such as configuration management, bug tracking, software deliveries and fine-grained management of access permissions.

We choose Codendi software because it is already used by thousands of other individuals in our partner’s companies. Moreover, Codendi is supported and developed in Grenoble -France-, where Minalogic’s offices are located.

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