Training & Consulting

The Codendi consultancy team provides 3 types of structured services:

Codendi Training

We provide 2 standard trainings, which cover 90% of our customers’ needs.
For specific needs, we deliver customized training according to constraints and expectations.

  • Standard Codendi courses

    • End User Course: 1 day.
    • Configuration Course : 1 day.
  • Customized Codendi course

    • Codendi End user training: from 2 to 5 days.
    • Administrator training: from 2 to 5 days.

Project configuration

Different Codendi products include configurations ready-to-use project, you may decide to implement a specific process of your organization, whatever it may be.

This will require one to make the most of Codendi’s configuration power. Our Codendi experts will guide you through the best implementation of your processes inside Codendi during coaching sessions, at the end of which you will be 100% autonomous on configuration skills.

Change Management

When you plan to deploy Codendi as a whole tool for your company, the change management project becomes the key factor of success: you must involve the key influencers, define the deployment roadmap, steps, actors and deliverables and pilot the operations, handle feedback from the team and conduct change.

Our experts in change management will gather your objectives and constraints, define the change management plan that best fits to your organization and pilot the project from end to end when you need to secure the success of your deployment.

See below, our services prices chart :







Codendi End User Video-conference 7h30

Codendi Expert

1500€ / team English or French
On Client site 7h30 1500€ / team
Travel fees excl.
Codendi Configuration Video-conference 7h30 Codendi Agile Process Expert 1500€ / team
On Client site 7h30 1500€ / team
Travel fees excl.
Project Configuration Video-conference On demand Codendi Agile Process Expert 1000€ per day English or French
On client site 1000€ per day
Travel fees excl.