Codendi Ticketing

Codendi Ticketing allows you to manage your global service centers, customer service centers and IT service centers.

Codendi Ticketing

See an extract features below:

Provide a professional desk to your customers

  • Customer dashboard fully customizable
  • Workflows between your customer and your organization
  • Business model (energy, sales, transport, medical etc.) setup by configuration
  • Demand evaluation, quotation, validation management

Define your tickets workflow

  • Depending on the workflow step, differentiate the fields you display and update
  • Configure one or more views and forms per step
  • Use the default workflow or define your specific workflow between each task status
  • Define specific user rights according to their profile for each transition of each step of the workflow

Track every single customer and team information

  • Traceability on all of your exchanges with your customers
  • Archiving of all events
  • Free comments and automatic notification on each business object
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced reporting configuration

Dispatch, assign and plan your tickets

  • Dispatch & assign the tickets or let people assign themself
  • Display your tickets in a Kanban dahsboard and move them by drag and drop
  • Let your people define their own personal ticket dashboard
  • Let your people take, release, end, delete, suspend the tickets
  • Track which tickets have been closed, are in the process of being closed, will be closed, by who and when

Manage your costs

  • Define the budget of your service center
  • Choose your indicators
  • Track the real workload, the remaining work and the budget alignment
  • Consolidate your projects by business unit or organization
  • Configure and consult your project’s dashboard
  • Be alerted when project indicators show some unfavorable tendencies

Manage your SLA indicators (Service Level Agreement)

  • Define and manage your SLA per clients
  • Supervise the SLA inside the project’s dashboard and your personal dashboard
  • Share the indicators with your customer