Codendi Project Management

Codendi Project management: allows you to manage your projects ( within any sector of activity) and project portfolio. Planning, Gantt charts, resource management, cost management and risks management are all aspects covered by Codendi.

Codendi Project Management

See an extract features below:

Manage projects P&L

  • Define your budgets
  • Choose your project indicators
  • Track the real workload, the remaining work and the budget alignment
  • Consolidate your projects by business unit or organization
  • Configure and consult your project’s dashboard
  • Be alerted when project indicators show some unfavorable tendancies

Manage your project risks

  • Define your risks scale
  • Create, address, manage and close your risks
  • Track the risks indicators
  • Be alerted when risk indicators are unfavorable

Staff your teams

  • Define your phases, lots, activities and tasks
  • Assign the tasks or let people assign themself
  • Evaluate your capacity per competence, per week and staff your team accordingly
  • Let your people define their own personnal dashboard
  • Let your people take, release, end, delete, suspend the tasks
  • Track what has been done, is done, will be done, by who and when

Get field continuous feedback

  • Consult your projects dashboards and consolidation dashboards
  • Consult your personnal dashboard
  • Suscribe to event notifications (tasks, bugs, risks, documents etc.)
  • Choose the automatic refresh mode for your reports to get real time feedback

Optimize your costs

  • Anticipate your staffing for the next weeks or months
  • Plan with coarse grain by skills or fine grain with assignement
  • Visualize your budgets, actual costs, future costs
  • Setup alert thresholds for your project costs
  • Check alignment between planned and actual costs

Optimize your business value

  • Define business value associated to your features
  • Track the value of your business progress
  • Realign your project plan with your business priorities
  • Share the business priorities inside your teams

Improve your process continuously

  • Start with a simple process and a simple Codendi configuration
  • Let it evolve according to the increasing size of your teams
  • Let it evolve with the increasing complexity of your business processes
  • Choose simple models for simple projects and rich models for complex projects

Develop your business agility

  • Choose an agile model for an agile organization
  • Choose a sequential model for a structured and constrained organization
  • Introduce a bit of agility progressively
  • Setup a Lean Startup process and follow your indicators on business hypothesis