Codendi Demand Management

Codendi Demand Management allows you to manage demands, sales opportunities, requirements, quotes, and capacity and delivery deadline calculations.

Codendi Demand Management

See an extract features below:

Provide a professional desk and dashboard to your customers

  • Customer dashboard fully customizable
  • Workflows between your customer and your organization
  • Business model (energy, sales, transport, medical etc.) setup by configuration
  • Demand evaluation, quotation, validation management

Know your client habits and concerns better

  • Traceability on all of your exchanges with your customers
  • Historization of all events
  • Free comments and automatic notification on each business object
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced reporting configuration

Evaluate the business risks

  • Consolidate the workload, price evaluations and margin
  • Track the business risks, their status and evaluation
  • Evaluate the theorical deadlines according to your workload schedule
  • Track the risks on the projects milestones

Improve your service level

  • Define your service level indicators
  • Track your indicators
  • Be alerted when the indicators become unsatisfaying

Budget and launch your projects

  • Define your ressources needs
  • Estimate the workload and define the budget
  • Get your quotation validated by your customers
  • Validate your project milestones vs capacity
  • Launch your project (project management features are covered by Codendi Project Management application)