Codendi Monitoring

Codendi Monitoring allows you to manage infrastructure monitoring centers, IT monitoring centers / MCO, and Real time task management

Codendi Monitoring

See an extract features below:

Monitore your supervision activity

  • Setup multi-client real time operational dashboard
  • Consolidate your projects by business unit or organization
  • Configure and consult your project’s dashboard
  • Be alerted when project indicators show some unfavorable tendencies

Give your staff a realtime supervisor tool

  • Organize the tasks from supervision templates (sets of procedures)
  • Be alerted of the time remaining for each step of the process to be done
  • Multi-sort your tasks by remaining time, priority, client, assignment

Dispatch your tasks, tickets and routines

  • Dispatch & assign the tickets or let people assign themself
  • Display your tickets in a Kanban dahsboard and move them by drag and drop
  • Let your people define their own personal ticket dashboard
  • Let your people take, release, end, delete, suspend the tickets
  • Track which tickets have been closed, is closed, will be closed, by who and when

Get and update the context for each activity

  • Immediately receive the required context for the execution of each task : procedure, documentation, manuals, etc.
  • Enrich the context with your field of intervention
  • Search within the database for similar interventions

Manage your costs

  • Define the budget of your service center
  • Choose your monitoring indicators
  • Track the real workload, the remaining work and the budget alignment
  • Consolidate your projects by business unit or organization

Manage your SLA indicators

  • Define and manage your SLA per clients
  • Supervise the SLA inside the project’s dashboard and your personal dashboard
  • Share the indicators with your customer

Keep your processes documented

  • Import your document’s directory (multi-level) inside Codendi to benefit from Codendi version control, validation workflow, notification on read, update, delete & powerful user right
  • Export your project documents as a whole to your local file directory
  • Store your documents (any type, including Microsoft Office)
  • Create embedded documents (Rich Text format)
  • Define your document’s organization and create a template for a homogeneous storage and navigation across to your projects
  • Track the complete history of the documents events (creation, update, delete etc.) with authors, dates, comments