Project management

Manage your projects with Codendi Business Suite


  • Define your budget in work-days for a given period
  • Follow up the budget spent on the budget period or on a sub-set of this period whatever the activities of the team
  • Define your roadmap as well as the steps and their goals
  • Define the scope of the steps and follow up progression


  • Define your client indicators
  • Define your client access rights
  • Configure its personal page on your project
  • Configure the ticket tracker for each step of your workflow


  • Define your releases
  • Follow up the release improvements using a burndown chart
  • Define your sprints
  • Follow up your tasks
  • Manage your retrospective: link with the sprint definition. If you wish, you may control the access rights to retrospective fields
  • Manage your demonstrations
  • Follow up your velocity


  • Define your workflow, ◦Define your steps
  • Define your transitions
  • Follow it up on the dashboard
  • Visualize the number of tickets per step


  • Define and track your requirements
  • Track your design documents with multiple versions and controlled access
  • Track your tasks
  • Host and manage your code, track the commits and version your files and releases
  • Follow up quality indicators
  • Trace your deliverables from specification to functional tests
  • Elevate your risks and follow your mitigation plan