Documents Management

Manage your documents avec Codendi Business Suite

Document manager

  • Import your document’s directory (multi-level) inside Codendi to benefit from Codendi version control, validation workflow, notification on read, update, delete & powerful user rights
  • Export your project documents as a whole to your local file directory
  • Store your documents (any type, including Microsoft Office)
  • Create embedded documents (Rich Text format)
  • Define your document’s organization and create a template for a homogeneous storage and navigation across to your projects
  • Track the complete history of the documents events (creation, update, delete etc.) with authors, dates, comments

Version control

  • Create automatic new versions of your documents
  • Lock/unlock the current version to avoid parallel updates
  • Navigate through your versions, go back to the previous ones and restore these versions
  • Be notified whenever files or repositories are updated

Validation workflow

  • Define your validation process with mandatory steps, user rights


  • Show the list of items referenced by or referencing this item