Developments management

Manage your development with Codendi Business Suite

Code repository

  • Create your repository GIT, SVN or CVS
  • Access GIT using https or SSH
  • Customize SVN accesses
  • Consult the code tree, the last commits filtered by users
  • Visualize the last commits on your personal page or project page
  • Configure the SVN in order to have a mandatory reference inside commit messages
  • Be notified of each modification

Continuous integration

  • Add a link to your continuous integration jobs using Hudson or Jenkins
  • Display inside Codendi the build history, the check style warnings trend
  • Display the jobs, the lastest successfully published artifacts of one job
  • Display the last builds, test results and test results trend

Release management

  • Store all delivered versions and publish them using a hierarchical organization: packages/releases/files
  • Define fine grain user rights for the package access
  • Be automatically mailed when new files are released