Codendi Business Suite: 100% configurable


  • Project creation wizard
  • 100% configurability of services
    • e.g. Website, trackers, documents, code repository, dashboard, release manager, continuous integration…


  • Ergonomy with powerful and customizable tabs
  • Direct navigation between creation, consultation and reporting GUIs
  • Log function : enables powerful SLA reporting to Excel
  • Trackers template (provided or create your own templates)
  • Define and customize trackers reports
  • Import/export

Tracker fields

  • Activity field : enables accurate reporting on past activities
  • History fields (requiest a past status)
  • 100 % customization of fields
  • Data type configuration
  • GUI configuration
  • Dynamic fields configuration
  • Semantics


  • 100% user right customization
  • Define group of users with specific real right update configuration down to the very detail
  • Define your project members
  • Access to your enterprise LDAP
  • Define user specific rights down to the very detail