Communications Management

Manage your projects collaboratively with Codendi Business Suite

Mail Management

  • HTML mail support
  • Create and configure the projects lists you need
  • Define the members list and member rights
  • Create specific client list for in/out exchanges with the team


  • Instantly get a ready-to-use chat room without installing a local IM
  • Integrate with Jabber server, using IM codendi Plugin
  • Allow your team members to be automatically added as clients of the IM
  • Create multi-user chat rooms


  • Define in one click private or public project forums
  • Consult the forum history
  • Consult threads
  • Post in a forum with user rights control in each forum


  • Store and capitalize your project information inside a dedicated wiki project
  • Create dependency from any artifacts to any pages of your wiki
  • Create dependency from any wiki pages to any artifact of any tracker of your project