Codendi Community

The open source version of Codendi

Codendi Community is the open source version of Codendi.
Codendi Community is free of use with an unlimited number of users, projects, data storage and configuration capabilities.

With Codendi Community you can :

  • Define your own project and trackers templates
  • Configure your trackers and user rights
  • Configure your trackers reports
  • Track all of your activities, documents, code commits and changes
  • Be notified of any change in your Codendi

Codendi Community contains :

  • the collaborative platfome and its tracker engine
  • the tracking features, the rights management features, the reporting features
  • Codendi Community plugins : LDAP, Graphs, Continuous integration
  • the Documents Management
  • the source code management : Git, Subversion, CVS
  • the release management
  • the Codendi Community theme

Codendi Community does not covers :

  • the business configurations : Project Management, Professional Services, Ticketing, ALM and Monitoring
  • Codendi Business Suite plugins: Gantt, Calendar, Dashboard, Timesheets, Action buttons, Computed fields, Consolidation’s trackers, Display configurator, History of transitions, Events log manager
  • the configuration data that comes with the business configurations
  • Codendi Business Suite theme
  • the VM packaging : Linux administration skills are required for the installation of Codendi Community