Codendi ALM

Codendi Application Lifecycle Management

Codendi ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) allows you to manage your software development projects (development, software forges, code references, integration processes, specifications, backlog management, phases, sprints & lot management)

Codendi ALM

See an extract features below:

Manage your specifications

Define and track your requirements
Track your specification & design documents with multiple versions and controlled access
Link your specifications to your phases, sprint, lots and tasks
Setup a validation workflow with your client to validate each specification item
Setup and publish your reports to your client

Plan your project’s phases and sprints

Define your releases
Follow up the release improvements using a burndown chart
Define your phases, sprints or lots
Manage your retrospective & link it with the next sprint definition
Manage your demonstrations
Follow up your velocity

Manage your resources and competencies

Define your teams and team members
Assign them to projects and tasks
Let them input their monthly or weekly timesheets
Anticipate the need for future resources and skills
Manage your team member’s leaves

Manage, build and run your sources

Create your repository GIT, SVN or CVS
Consult the code tree, the last commits filtered by users
Be notified of each modification or commit
Link your commits to your tasks or specifications
Use Jenkins inside Codendi: launch your builds and deployment jobs

Define and manage your test plans

Define your tests plans
Assign the test campaigns to your teams
Follow up the tests status
Link your tests to the features or backlog items

Manage your releases

Store all delivered versions and publish them using a hierarchical organization : packages/releases/files
Define fine grain user rights for the package access
Be automatically mailed when new files are released

Keep your project documentation updated

Import your document’s directory (multi-level) inside Codendi to benefit from Codendi version control, validation workflow, notification on read, update, delete & powerful user rights
Export your project documents as a whole to your local file directory
Store your documents (any type, including Microsoft Office)
Create embedded documents (Rich Text format)
Define your document’s organization and create a template for a homogeneous storage and navigation across to your projects
Track the complete history of the documents events (creation, update, delete etc.) with authors, dates, comments