7 I.T. Projects out of 10 do not finish on time…

Noting that 7 out of 10 IT projects do not finish in time, Codendi, collaborative platform for project management, defined 8 real causes of these delays through an infographic. Leave us your comments on these 8 causes identified and offer us other that you experienced during your experience as a project manager!

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Success Story : By Laurent Julliard, director of the “EmbeddedSystem on chip” Minalogic workshop.

Laurent Julliard

As the first Minalogic projects were starting up, and with a growing number of new projects being proposed, Minalogic needed to provide its members with a platform for collaborative work that met the specific needs of the micro-nanotechnology and software-on-chip communities. Minalogic choose the Codendi platform for several reasons: it offers generic collaboration and communication […]

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Success story: By Dominique Méra, project director at Objet Direct

Objet Direct

Why Objet Direct choose Codendi? In order to implement the agile methodology, Objet Direct, need to haverequired reliable communication tools, especially when project members were located at different sites. The requirements to be met are the following: document management, source code management, files sharing, task tracker, etc… We chose to implement the platform for internal […]

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